I woke up this morning at 5:20am… totally uncalled for… unable to fall back to sleep, so of course crackberry me decided I would check my emails and then try to fall back to sleep for another hour… I found I had a facebook friend request and email, ok nothing tooooo out of the ordinary…

The name of the person didn’t ring a bell but they had sent an accompanying email so I opened it up… now lets keep in mind I have a private facebook – at least I’m pretty sure its private to the point where you can see my profile picture, last status update and name…  The email was from a woman who had just happened to be out to dinner that night talking about the time they had worked at the hospital my dad ran for 15 years… reminiscing about him etc… she had thought about me enough to look me up and send me an email to see how I was, what I was up to, and what I was doing with myself…

I think I was in shock for a minute… talk about the most random of all random coincidences…  I don’t think I’ve heard from anyone from that hospital in almost 8 years aside from the time I was at the revamped version of the hospital to get an xray a few months ago and someone recognized my last name…

So I got up at 6am instead of 6:45 today… I made mexican stuffing for my rice lunch later (pics to post if the crackberry agrees with me) and a huge salad with BEETS! (was so excited that I found a can of beets in the cupboard that I danced in the kitchen and sang “beets in my salad” – Minnie hid upstairs until I was done, she doesn’t handle morning music well)… and finally settled down with a bowl of overnight oats and some DVR at 7am…

It was a nice slow morning and its now…… 10:15am and half of my to-do list is already done… i like it… thanks Mary Ellen… I really needed that little boost this morning… sometimes I think dad is sending little thoughts to me in the strangest ways…


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