kick in the gut

ahhh nothing like financials to knock you back down to earth for a minute.  With school starting in less than a month and trying to get some last minute expenses settled this month is not going to go smoothly for me.  Just finished doing my monthly bills calendar – the only thing that keeps me on track now that I’ve cut up….


yes I just said CUT UP

all of my credit cards… I’ve been almost 6 months now with no plastic other than my debit card and not doing toooo too badly… BUT… here comes the big but…

this month may do me in…

Having to take 2 weekends off from the lovely weekend job that I depend on to pay utilities I will be about 300$ in the hole at the end of the month… That doesn’t include what I need for gas money (tank is on E as we speak) a wedding present for my lovely friend Rachele who’s tying the knot on the 21st or anything else that might arise…

Not to mention books and things for school….

Granted I’ve lucked out with the graduate position at the university and I received a loan as well, accepting only enough to help pay for parking for the academic year and for books, but you know how loans work, lord knows when I’ll get the check…

so here’s the big question… my renewed visa came in the mail last week… its been sitting on my kitchen table unactivated because i’ve gotten to the point where i’m concerned that i need an emergency card… meaning don’t activate it until the actual emergency….

so do I wait until I actually get $1.00 away from over drafting and then dial the magic credit card number? do I beg mom or the bf for a loan until school settles down???

I feel so disappointed in myself… to have been doing so well this summer and making my budget… even if only by $25 still making my budget…. and now… bam… because of needed 2 weekends off its all blown to hell…

i just wanna be a kid again


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