I’m getting sick…..

do you ever just wake up and know that you’re catching a cold…. I can tell I’ve got one coming on when I wake up with a killer sore throat… I may not have any other symptoms but my throat will be all dry and raspy… well this morning I feel like I got kicked in the throat…

Now I’ve got chills and I’m sweating all at the same time… I finally choked down some lunch but all I want to do in my foggy state is take a nap and sleep off whatever I’ve caught… all morning I’ve been sniffling and fighting off a bloody nose – another lovely sign that I’m getting sick thank you mono of many years past…

but there is work to be done… and I’ve got a meeting for that wonderful weekend job I love so much (not) tonight from7-9…

even though I have a huge meeting coming up in DC next week I may be able to work from home a half day later this week which would be nice especially if I can’t shake off whatever it is that I’m coming down with… but here’s hoping it’s just a 24 hr bug and I can wake up chipper and fresh tomorrow…

Summer colds are the worst… does anyone else get them? what are some of your recommendations for beating a summer cold?


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