I am a bit distracted today…

everything at work is revving up into high gear and grad school is just around the corner… I’ve been getting about 3 emails a day about grad school – dress code (who knew! guess there’s lots of events we’re supposed to go to) and revising my resume etc)… and whatever this bug is I have that I can’t get rid of me have been wound a bit tight today…

Luckily I have some sick time available at work… I took a couple hrs yesterday and went home at 2… today I might do the same… only downfall… walking into that mess of a house… just makes me want to clean which as exhausted as I feel is exactly what I don’t need to do right now…

I just want to say a quick thank you for the awesome burst of support yesterday… it was really great… I needed it to get through the day/night… You are all just wonderful and I appreciate it…

I shared some of my blog posts with Steve (the bf) who really isn’t into the whole blog/twitter/facebook thing… and at first he wasn’t sure why I was blogging but I think he understands that I’m trying to find a way to cope and anything that will help me is something he will support… and it will also help him to understand me a bit more… so even though i’ll probably have to read him the posts, I think over all being able to “type it out” and then reread it… re-feel it, is making a tiny difference… and I’ll take it…

Thank you….

now its back to emails, resumes and cold meds…


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