To be honest I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post over the next week.  Things will be a bit insane.  There is so much that needs to be done for this national briefing next thursday and I’ll be out of town tomorrow.

I’m hoping that I can escape for a few minutes and post some updates though… especially because I am hoping that while at my family reunion tomorrow I can get some great stories about my dad to post on the memoir page… I know that my family have some many memories of him that I would love to share and I rarely get to see my family that live throughout PA so this is the best chance I have to capitalize.  I’m going to take a notebook and see what I can come up with.

I ordered a new USB cord for the camera so hopefully in a few days I can start posting some real pictures, the blackberry is good for spur of the moment but something a little nicer would be good for food shots or of any travel pics etc…

Also took the laptop down to Best Buy yesterday… about 4 months ago…. Minnie, love of my life that she is, decided to make a snack of the AC adapter for my laptop… so on the advice of the Best Buy rep I saw (I saw her there yesterday and wanted to throttle her you’ll see why in a minute) she told me to get a universal adapter…. 70 bucks… so I did… 3 weeks ago, the damn thing stopped charging my laptop… I was afraid it was the laptop itself…

I take it to the geek squad who informs me, nope its your charger and oh by the way your black tie warranty covers you, so we can just order you a new AC adapter for free…. seriously…. best buy rep didn’t mention that when I came in the first time… just told me to buy a new one….

ok so its partly my fault for not looking into my warranty but you would think that they would mention that you too right?????

so the AC adapter is in the mail and I will now have my wireless internet working to my netbook at home… yay….

but anyways… if i’m MIA for a few days, or brief on the posts… you know why…. i’m a busy busy busy bee…. eeeeeeek….

Question of the day: what is your best way to de-stress?

mine is taking a book to the gym and hoping on the treadmill for a half hour and just doing a nice walk while I read… zones me out….


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