I’m taking a quick break from the monotony of creating briefing packets to just say that I had a great time with my family on Saturday… Things were so upbeat and even though the weather was over cast we had the best turnout in YEARS… only about 2 or 3 relatives and their spouses couldn’t make it… we still had probably 40 people make it out…

I got to see people I hadn’t seen in 10 years and it was so nice to be able to talk to everyone… Steve got to meet most of the extended family for the first time as well… He had met a lot of people at my grandfather’s memorial service but this was on much more joyfull terms so it was nice…

Dad was mentioned a few times but it was in a pleasant way… no one asks about my step mom anymore thankfully, and a lot of the painful things have kind of finally been laid to rest in a way I guess… I went into the day with the best of hopes really wanting to make the day the best I could and I think the positive thinking paid off…

And I found out one of my fav authors from the Pittsburgh Magazine is actually my cousin… I was so embarrassed when I blurted out omg I follow you on twitter…. such a social networking thing to say… I have an amazing family… I feel bad that for the last few years I’ve been a little ignorant of that fact because I’ve been too wound up in myself and my own problems… but I’m glad I can finally see what amazing people I share a bloodline with… Better late than never…

Pictures soon I promise!!!!!!

back to printing massive amounts of didactic materials and flow charts blah….


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