love is in the air

Its finally starting to feel like fall and I’m not sure what it is about this season that I love so much but I wish the only season in the year was fall… There’s just something about it…

Today is Pitt move-in day so traffic was pretty horrific but then again, you can’t help but remember what it was like for you on that first day… and I do feel a bit of pang in my heart for the parents who are sending off their babies for the first time, as many of today’s move ins are freshmen…

Cathedral of Learning... does not do it justice

Yesterday I had my own freshman moment… – day one of grad school orientation… and what a diverse group… All backgrounds, from all over the US and country… really saying something for a group of only 30… All ages, all educational backgrounds and I think it will make for an interesting two years… a lot of former athletes too… this afternoon I’ll be off to a few more lectures and then to a welcome picnic at one of the faculty member’s houses nearby…

I have to say I’m a bit nervous… coming from being an employee in the department its hard for me because I feel like its so easy to just fall back and talk to the staff and faculty that I’ve been working with for the last two and half years and now I have to switch rolls to student and interact with the other students who I don’t know… I am not the best at putting myself out there… I’d much rather do my own thing, write my papers, take my tests, complete my projects and no lie… NETWORKING will be the hardest thing for me in the major…

The highlight of my weekend was by far…. THIS

boo bad quality

That is my beautiful friend Rachele and her now husband Robbie… They got married this weekend in Pittsburgh here:

and it was fantastic… she’s been so stressed and to see everything finally come together so perfectly was great… I have a video of her walking down the aisle but sadly since I don’t have the 60 bucks to upgrade the blog I can’t upload it… anyways she looked like an angel because the light was so bright behind her as she walked down the aisle you couldn’t even see her at first and then she and her dad just appeared… AWESOME… love you Rach… and you too Robbie!!!


Rachele has a glassware collection so on the tables there were notes that the ladies were welcome to take with them a piece of glassware as a thank you for sharing the special day with her… I took a little candle holder… nothing else would have survied with the Minnie Doo running crazy in the house…

Steve got all dolled up for the occasion and I found a long dress that suited me… but also reminded me how much weight I have to lose… lets get this knee figured out and get back on the treadmill…


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