what’s cooking good lookin

look who came out to play this weekend!

that’s emmy… granted I had to tempt her with the cord to the camera but she had a blast… she’s usually cooped up in here:

her mini kitty condo that no one is allowed near… or she kicks your butt….

so while I was home by my lonesome all weekend I whipped up a couple of yummo’s…

some cheesy tuna noodle casserole which is mom’s old recipe and I totally don’t really use a recipe for it all… its some sour cream, milk, tuna, peas – which i forgot! and just realized i forgot no wonder it was missing something… cheese of your choosing… egg noodles (in my case my no yolk egg noodles i had on hand) seasonings of choice and a topping of breadcrumbs (or panko) a little more cheese and butta…. bake… and enjoy…

mine probably could have baked a little longer but it was still pretty good… def was missing the peas though… damn…

then I went over the Jessica’s site at How Sweet It Is and made some of these fantastic buffalo chicken burgers


Steve once again is meh on the whole buffalo flavoring on something other than wings but I ‘m totally all in on it…

if you like some comfort food that is still relatively healthy check out Jessica’s site… it’s to die for!


2 thoughts on “what’s cooking good lookin

    • he has this thing about wings i dont’ know what it is but wing sauce only goes on wings its very OCD of him. but then he turns around and puts hot sauce in his V8 juice… men…

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