Let me at this moment profess my love for the musician Tyrone Wells and the art he produces because there really is no other word for it, it is pure art.  He is fantastic, soulful, can yodel, knows how to entertain not only with his music but with the small stories in between the songs, and his music simply has talked to me in a way that little ever has.

I had the luck of stumbling upon one of his songs when it came up on a Pandora station I had created.  I immediately knew I had to listen to more.  I bought – yes bought – no limewire on this one, I try to support artists who impress me… all of the albums he currently had out and was enthralled by his music.

I signed up for tour alerts and waited for the news that he’d be coming to Pittsburgh.  That fall the fabulous news that he was playing in the city came through my email and I frantically searched for someone to go with me.  Melissa agreed to tag along and thankfully she loved his music too once she heard him. 

Since then I’ve continued to follow his new releases and when I heard his new tour was bringing him back to Pittsburgh I jumped on the chance to go.  As luck would have it my night class last night was cancelled because of the Jewish holiday and I was able to attend the whole concert including the opening act Mike Cali – good job!

And of course the Songs and Stories kick off for Tyrone Wells.  Fantastic set including some new songs, some of the great old hits and some of the background on the songs that just make them that more relatable and that much more special…

The man Tyrone Wells rocking it out

There is one song that Tyrone Wells has always done that every time I hear it I have to fight back tears and I’ve never really known why.  The song is called “Remain” and it is about staying with someone no matter what, that maybe you don’t feel like things are safe or that love is consistent there is a line – “I will remain – feel my hands on your face”  Sure the song is about two people in love and the man trying to convince the girl that he won’t abandon her but as I listened to him sing it live last night I related to it in a completely different way…

I felt like it was my Dad speaking to me… Dad always used to squeeze my face between his hands and kiss me on the top of my head and tell me if you only remember one thing remember that I love you no matter what…

When he died things ended so badly and I as I listened to the words of that song that as everything changes as nothing remains the same that he will always remain I could hear him telling me that he would always love me and that nothing would ever change that and I really do believe that…

Dad would have been 60 this Saturday coming up…. and I think I’ll take a minute to sit by myself with the quiet close my eyes and just listen to the nothing… because in that nothing is where he is… that is where he is wrapping his arms around me, holding my face in his hands, kissing the top of my head and saying, Binkster if you only remember one thing, remember that I love you…

I’ve spent a long long time being angry at him for how he died and what happened… I think its time to move on…

PLEASE check out Tyrone Wells’ music… it’s available for download on itunes, he’s on twitter, facebook and I’ve linked his name to his website…


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