kicking back at the B&B

Friday night Steve, his brother Dan and I all went out to visit family friends of his in New Florence, PA at a bed and breakfast they are getting ready to open. 

Northview Inn Bed and Breakfast will be up and running in no time and we got to get a behind the scenes look at things and sample the sleeping quarters and the scrumptious food.  On Saturday Steve and Dan did some tree work and I snapped some pictures while battling a lovely allergy migraine. 

The house and grounds are spectacular and even though we didn’t head in, the B&B is only minutes from historic Ligonier, PA.  If you live in the area, and want to have a nice get away, check them out.  Sorry for not writing more but I think pictures speak for themselves :).

the old Northview sign that was long gone by the time we left on Saturday afternoon, a new sign is made and will be hung up soon!

The B&B in the morning sun! Beautiful old gothic farmhouse

the posts that greet you when you walk up to the main walk way

HUGE inground pool - all closed for the winter but look forward to enjoying it next year!

sitting room/living room for guests

one of the bathrooms - with a heated floor!

romantic breakfast spot for a couple

our breakfast set up

Chocolate chip scones!!! MMMMMMmmmm

fresh produce from the garden

some of Linda's fantastic gardening

a litte more

and how about that adorable face!

and of course Steve being a crazy man cutting down trees

It was a good weekend, took my mind off of Dad and the Steeler’s won… Couldn’t ask for much more!


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