quick check in

Tomorrow I promise a much longer post… with lots of good stuff and reflection on things that have been coming up in my life…

But basically life has once again been incredibly insane from Monday night-Friday afternoon and I am now at 8pm on Friday just getting a chance to breathe and thing… between school, work and a horrible disagreement with something I ate yesterday which resulted in about 2 hrs of sleep last night i’m just worn out…

It makes me realize that I made the right decision to quit coaching and to quit Dave and Busters because I HAVE to have Saturday and Sunday to read all of my homework, do my assignments and to get my chores and laundry done… and i’m still a bit overwhelmed lol… at least I haven’t even had a chance to think about Dad… This is usually a really hard time of year for me and I feel completely fine in regards to that right now…

Anyways I look forward to catching up with the blog tomorrow!


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