the BOSS

yeah…. that’s right… i’m going to see……

The Boss is playing with Joe Grushecky at The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh November 4 and 5 and of course Steve was allll over that.  And I am a closet Bruce fan…. Ever since I was a kid and “Born in the USA” was on an episode of Reading Rainbow… I know weird association but still…

The venue only holds around 2000-2500 people and I am psyched to get to see Bruce Springsteen even if he only comes out for a few songs… I mean seriously, who can beat that?  Tickets were a bit hefty because they were sold out before they even went on sale but I’ll fork over some mulah for seats even in the balcony because its not like being in the nosebleed of an arena…

Anyways, that was my exciting news for the day…

Tomorrow I see an ear nose and throat specialist because my sinuses are still no better and now I’m getting a lump feeling in my throat again and I get my knee drained on Friday and I want all of this dealt with and figured out now… sick and tired of being sick and tired….


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