found it!

the camera was in my work bag all along… figures… guess that’s what happens when you basically carry a suitcase with you every day… soooooo tonight i’ll snap some pictures and get them up since this blog has been void of some nice pics except for the cleansing of the blackberry i did a few days ago…

today is election day!!!!!! i hope everyone is hiting up their polling places and voting…. i think i’ve only missed one year since turning 18… and this year i’m super excited because it’s one of the first time i’ve not voting down party lines… i really looked into a lot of the issues in pennsylvania and had some internal battles over what i believed in and what i thought would be best for the state and for the country but I think i’m comfortable with my choice… so tonight after all my meetings i’ll be hitting the firehall with the nice old ladies who always get excited to see me because i’m one of the young people that come in – they always have cookies and candy too… and i’ll be locking in my vote…

i also will be seeing the migraine specialist today at 1pm… i’m a little nervous and unsure about whether i want him to change my one medication or not… it will be an interesting appointment that is for sure… but i will def put up and updated when i know more…

there is also some big news that i can’t share just yet as it is not “official” but stay tuned… when i’m allowed to announce it i will… 😉 though details will be minor for confidentiality purposes its still kinda life changing…


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