migraine man doing magic

doc visit went really well… the doctor and his resident were fantastic… knew it would be a good visit when the DOCTOR came and got me from the waiting room… which let’s be honest, has never happened…

He went through graphics of what is going on in my brain when my migraines are occuring and why I am feeling the pressure in my face and head where I am… He explained that my TMJ flair probably did not cause the migraine but is actually a symptom of the migraine, which to me is honestly a relief, control the migraine, control the TMJ…

He wanted to increase the dosage of my preventative medication which I refused because of the side effects I already experience so we compromised and changed the medication while increasing the dosage… also changed the medication that I’ll take when a migraine occurs… now I’ll be on maxalt and zonegran…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work… I also have to do my best to eat 4-6 small meals a day, drink 60 oz of water a day and get 30-60 min of exercise every day… on top of that my sleep schedule needs to be regulated as best possible at least until my headache days get down to under 10… right now its between 15-20 which as the doc said is just unacceptable…


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