ok minor set back

The pipes in the bathroom broke in half while we were snaking them for a clog today…. Guess they were so old and brittle they couldn’t take it…

So I have no shower, no sink… And a huge hole in my bedroom where we had to break into the access panel which surprise surprise was sealed shut… Plaster wood pipes and tools everywhere and had to go to steves parents for a shower…

can't really see it but the tall pipe is snapped in half 😦

 seriously that access panel was sealed up for god knows how long and I would like to know how a band aid got in there… as you can see in this next picture this was not a very accessable access panel… former owners like to seal things up a lot…

what a lovely bedroom i now have

some former owners had bad taste in wallpaper

can I just say that humor is how I get through this things… so seeing this ugly wallpaper made me laugh… and then in places you could see it had been painted over with bright pink paint which made me laugh harder… which only made steve mad because plumbing boo boos are not funny… and I promptly got kicked out of the room…

tools tools everywhere

how do you like my bright blue bathroom… its not as bad as it looks i swear… but that lovely old tub just isn’t up to snuff anymore… ugh… at the end of the night only minor progress was made…

So my post I was so excited to write didn’t even get thought of…. 😦 home ownership sucks sometimes…


5 thoughts on “ok minor set back

  1. If laughing at hideous wallpaper is enough to get you kicked off home improvement projects, YOU ARE AWESOME! I’m totally serious. I need to work harder at getting fired. 😉

    • Steve takes his home improvement and mr. fix it skills very serious and it is not a laughing matter… i went into it all gun-ho and after a couple snapped screws and my wallpaper rant he was over me lol… worked out… biggest loser was on after all lol

  2. Love your floor tile! And, I can understand your plumbing pain. I just had to have my entire sewer line replaced. The best part? We discovered that no sewage or other drain water had left through the pipes in years! (I just moved to this house last year.) It was just leaking into the ground under the house until it started finding its way up through my basement floor. Niceee!

    • Ah! I had the same thing the day I moved into the house our sewage backed up. They jetted it out and got tons of tree roots out but that will all need replaced in the next few years too ugh. I feel your pain!

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