Plumbing…. is the devil

So after another 3 hrs and 2 trips to Home Depot last night we are finally ohhhh so close to having the plumbing issue fixed…

Obstacles we have run into along the way

1. the original plumbing was not repairable

2. the PVC plumbing was too large for the area behind the access panel

3. the hot water pipe no longer fit with the new piping so it would need repiped

4. the PVC pipes are wider in circumference than the original copper/brass tubing so the fixtures we bought don’t work (this is the current hold up)

5. half of a floor joice had to be removed and a 6x6in part of the floor pulled up to fit the new plumbing…

The good news… everything is in place we just need to get a coupling “thingy” that will connect the PVC piping with the smaller copper/brass pipe, which Mr. handy man Steve said should be easy to do tonight…

Then we will have to build out the access panel to accomodate the chunk of floor board that was removed etc…

I said now I have to lose weight because I might fall through the floor ha… ugh… I just want a shower in my own bathroom…  The good news… I now have a new shiny drain in the tub…

And my sales pitch… we didn’t have to soder a thing with the hot water pipes because of these fabulous couplings called Shark Bites … They are snap on couplings and fittings and they are fantastic… no leaks either…

So fingers crossed by tonight I will have a working bathroom again…


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