blue rare

I’m getting ready to head to New Orleans for a work conference next week and its times like this when I’m reminded of times when my dad would head off for hospital administrator conferences throughout the US and always come back with great stories about the food and the people.

Part of me thinks this is why I always associate traveling with food because he always would tell me about what they had to eat where he went.  I remember two stories specifically about steak that he returned with once.

The first one was after a trip to Nebraska.  When he came back he said that steak would never taste the same once you’ve had one that came straight from the grazing fields.  He promised to take me out just to have a steak there sometime, maybe one day I’ll go on my own.

The other story was about the perfectly cooked steak.  I’m not sure where he was I want to say somewhere in Canada.   My dad always said he liked his steak still mooing (sorry to any vegans or vegetarians reading my post – he was a meat and potatoes man)… and though for years I ate my steak well done as I grew up and he got sick I started to take on his traits… maybe as a way of holding on to him as I was losing him…

But after returning from his trip he exclaimed oh my gosh they make something rarer than rare! It’s called a blue rare steak and you literally get your cooking surface extremely hot, sear one side, flip and sear the other and serve the steak.  Cooking time is approximately 20-30 seconds.

I can’t bring myself to try anything THAT rare, that’s like carpacchio to me and I just don’t do that.  But he was so enthralled and excited.  He talked about it to anyone that would listen.

So as I prepare for New Orleans with all the Cajun cuisine that I must say I’m not all that familiar with I am prepping myself to try something alittle out of my comfort zone… Blue rare steak? probably not… frog legs? maybe… steve says we have to just because we’re there but I’m thinking he might chicken out…

A closing thought… the other day someone asked how long it had been since dad died… and I couldn’t remember… after a few moments I finally counted back and was able to answer that it will be 8 years in feburary… but I guess as time goes on you realize time begins to morph and you lose track a bit…

miss ya today dad.. rainy football days always make me miss you…


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