Tipping point

I think I may have hit my tipping point today….

I headed up to the student health center to get a quick check up (one of the cat’s has been sick and I had a rash on my hand that I wanted to make sure was nothing serious) and of course they weighed me when I got there…

And I’m depressed to admit over the last year I’ve just assumed I’d be around the 240-245 mark… and well lets just say New Orleans did me in because I tipped the scaled at 252…

First time in my life I’ve been over 250 and I’m a tad bit heart broken… so that’s it… Thanksgiving will be the last hoorah and then I’ve GOT to get this under control…

I know with the stress of school and work that it will be tough but if I continue to let myself go then the stress will only get worse…

Steve asked me while we were away this weekend what a goal date would be for me to drop the largest chunk of the weight I wanted to lose… I reluctantly named July 4th but I didn’t name the amount of weight I would want to have off by then… I would rather like to say that I want to be able to run a sub 10 min mile by July 4… We’ll see…  I know that I can do this… Its a matter of conquering my psychological issues to master the physical ones…

Support on this journey is more than welcome….


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