Can’t say I didn’t warn you…. Classes have been insane… life has been crazy and I have had no time for anything…

But today has been a bit of a reprieve so I now get to upload some of my pics from New Orleans and share them with you… The Swamp Tour was by far my favorite part…. 😉

we had a nice view of the Mississippi from hotel room but I must say I was not impressed with the hotel… I expected a bit more from a Hilton that was costing 200 a night… thankfully the university reimbursed the trip because paying for that out of pocket would not have made you know who a happy camper… none the less, river view was nice…

Bourbon Street

On our only full day there Steve and I spent the afternoon walking the French quarter after my morning symposium… It was our 1 year anniversary since we met afterall… Things were a bit cramped for me but to each their own it was definitely a world of its own…

lunch view

we grabbed an early lunch and sat on the balcony looking down Bourbon St. thought the balcony was gonna give way a few times but it was enjoyable… I had a po’boy.. the traditional new orleans sub with one of many fried seafood options inside… pretty good…

hehe they sat us above the steeler fag... must have been psychic

every house had some type of window box even in late november

swamp tour!

After lunch and another stroll around the quarter we caught our bus to the swamp tour!!! fun looking airboat huh? It was the Captain Jack lol…

and away we go!

steve was all about the trees and gators

hehe bring it on!

lots of birds and turtles


That’s Joe…. he’s the alpha male of the swamp we were in…. the picture does not do him justice… He was about 12 ft long and 600 lbs… before finally seeing him we saw lots of little gators and a couple of females… the tour guide explained that Joe tends to eat the males before they can grow large enough to challenge him…  creepy… but they think he’s 60-70 years old and still going strong…

on the way back to dock the guide snuck this little guy out of no where and we got to hold him… I felt kinda bad for the guy but he seemed to do ok…

can’t tell if he’s entralled or freaked out

when we rolled back into downtown new orleans we heard a ton of music and traffic was at a standstill… when we looked out the window we thought we had spotted a funeral but then upon further inspection saw it was a wedding!… best part… 2 of the guest totally ditched out on the procession and ducked into a bar halfway down the street… when in nola I guess….

wedding anyone!?

The trip was ok all in all… Steve didn’t fly well and got sick and we were 2 hrs late landing back in Pittsburgh due to flight delays so Steve probably will be keeping his feet on the ground for a while…

I’ll be heading to Chicago in March for the American College of Health Care Executives Congress… I’m a student member and trying to get a volunteer spot so that my conference fee can be covered… but there’s about 5 of us going from my class and I think it’s going to be a great time and huge opportunity for networking even though I don’t plan to leave the Pittsburgh area…
Well hopefully I can post a little more this week before finals really take off next week.

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