Memories of Dad – set 2

December 6, 2010

I was reading Jessica’s blog a couple days ago and she’s been talking about holiday traditions and it made me think of things my dad and I used to do every Christmas.  Every Christmas, like many families, my dad and I would bake up a storm…. pinwheel cookies, sugar cookies, good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies… but they weren’t all for us…

I believe the tradition actually started with my grandfather who was a doctor.  My grandmother would bake Christmas treats for the people who worked at the hospital were my pop pop also saw some patients and on Christmas Eve they would take baskets of cookies in to the people who were working the over night shifts. 

When my dad became a hospital administrator he carried on the tradition.  I do think some years we bought the baskets and had some healthy things included like fruit etc but he would take them in and on each unit drop off a basket to the staff who were at the hospital overnight…  it was such a “pay it forward” thing… and you could tell it meant a lot to the people who were working…. When I was little I would help load up the baskets on one of the empty med carts and away we’d go… and of course I always got some extra cookies…

He really was an amazing person… it’s memories like these that I so desperately want to hang onto…

October 5, 2010

The spring before he died, my dad decided that he wanted to see me go to a high school prom… he asked my friend Mark if it was too late to go to his prom and somehow we managed to get into the prom late… My dad paid for the tickets and Mark’s tux since Mark had no intention of going and had saved no money…

I had purchased a dress the year before for a prom that didn’t end up happening so I was set… The day of prom came and my dad came to Mark’s, gaunt and not doing well but he had the biggest smile on his face in every picture we took… he was so happy to see me off to a prom…

Mark and I ended up being the last couple to walk in the grand march… and I will always remember that night as a special day… my dad may never walk me down the aisle but at least he got to see me go to prom…



2 thoughts on “Memories of Dad – set 2

  1. wow, this brings such a lump in my throat!! He must have been a great man to have impacted you so much!! May be get piece, where ever he is!

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