stringing up lights

As Steve and I (mostly steve) battled the cold this weekend to hand one very sad string of lights from the front porch I couldn’t help but remember the years that my dad and I would pull out the multitude of lights in all colors and sizes and debate on the theme of the house this year….

We lived on a busy back road if there is such a thing and I was always excited to decorate our old farm house for Christmas and Dad always indulged me, no matter how ulgy my final design ended up being.  And there were certainly a few, looking back on pictures, that were not that beautiful.

He would climb out the second floor window and lay on the porch roof dangling lights in whatever creation I had come up with.  One year it involved draping row after row of lights to give that “curtain” look which don’t you know they make pre-made versions of those now… we would wrap every support beam and every bush in lights… One year all white lights the next all color…

I think the year icicle lights came out was a miracle to him because I was so enthralled (despite the fact that I was in my teens) that all I wanted was a string of those with some lights on the bushes…. sweet and simple…

Until he got remarried he would come over and string lights, even after my parents got divorced…. and it always meant something special… even more so because christmas was never a good holiday for my mom so he would do everything he could to make it good for me…

So that one little string of lights on my house this year may not look like much… but its a little piece of dad there with me…


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