when it rains…….

it pours….

i was so hoping that my car would last me through grad school… Steve had helped me put new tires, new brakes, and a litany of other things into the car for it to pass inspection this year and now…. well… this…

That would be a massive crack across the bottom of my windshield… When I parked the car Saturday night I noticed a little crack and got out and could feel a ding in the windshield so I must have got hit by a pebble or something that cracked it…

But by Sunday night it had spread 2 feet wide…. and well lets add the fact that 3 dif mechanics haven’t been able to fix this….

which they all claim is from a simple wheel sensor malfunctioning but with the bad winters in Pittsburgh all I need is no traction control… and now how will I know if my care really does have something wrong with it…

So after much discussion with my mom and Steve and his parents we’ve decided that I just probably not too safe in the car… on top of this one of the head lights has a mind of its own and has decided that its fog light will constantly be on as well…

With finals this week and next week the last thing I wanted to do was go car shopping but it looks like that is the plan… and with having about zero income I’ll be looking at trying to get a lease… I don’t drive much other than too and from work and school and in 7 years have only put 70,000 on my car now which includes 10+ trips to DC when I lived there and a trip to FL… so I don’t expect mileage restrictions to be a problem…

Heh, on top of all of this, two days ago I locked my keys, purse, cell phone, laptop and books in my car when I got home… how? who knows… but by the time Steve’s friend came to get them out I just wanted to push the car off a cliff…

So what cars am I looking at?

the Mazda 3


Its big brother the Mazda 6


And the VW Jetta


They’re all generally smaller than my Oldsmobile intrigue but all a little more reliable and have pretty good reviews and ratings it seems… plus decently affordable leases…

Tomorrow afternoon/evening…. me and steve versus the car dealers…. bring it….

On another note… I actually prepacked lunch today… Starting the day out by actually getting out of bed when the alarm went off at 6am was what I needed I guess… I did 35 min on the treadmill walking and running and then had yogurt with a little spoonful of pb for breakfast…

And here’s what I get to look forward to for lunch….

I haven’t had Progresso in forever but I picked up a few of these at the grocery store the other week and figured why not, the office has a microwave might as well use it…

And some of this to snack on

yes those are chocolate chips… dont’ judge… I’m an addict and I cannot go cold turkey… along with some laughing cow cheese which I LOVE especially the new flavor, light mozzarella, sundried tomato and basil… but i packed the creamy swiss today… and some applesauce to round it out… nom nom!!!!

hope you all have a great day!!!! i’m off to do some work, some studying and then attending a meeting later before heading home to relax….


One thought on “when it rains…….

  1. Happy mileages to Your brand new car – whatever it is!!! Mazda has here a very reliable reputation. To buy a car is so personal matter, that one cannot give advises.

    I trust German cars (Opel / Vauxhall) which I have had since 1987 and no problems. My blue car is from 2007 and without any problems – of course. I have plenty of photos from it in my blog.

    Happy driving!

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