french toast helps everything

After my dreadful saturday  I just wanted to crawl in a whole and sleep away the rest of the weekend and possibly the rest of December.

But the wonderful Pittsburgh Steelers and Steve would not let that happen.  After calming down from his car dealership freakout Steve was pretty chill the rest of the weekend despite battling his own migraine (he now is learning what they feel like) and was super supportive in talking through the next options with how to get financing for another vehicle.

And then the Stillers put a whooping on the Bungles which was beauty to my eyes and things started getting a bit better… The stress is still extreme but I’m doing my best to handle it and think things through rationally…

I spent Saturday night doing 4 loads of these….

with three more waiting for me tomorrow…

and I cleaned out my car thinking that I would be selling it that day… Wonder of wonders the bridesmaid dress from one of my best friends wedding was still in the trunk from July 4, 2009!!! I know nasty… but Samson seemed to like playing princess…

i like your veil...

and then when it was time for a major pick me up on Sunday morning I made round two of Heather’s Nutella Stuffed French Toast….

Saturday I made it strictly how Heather did but Sunday I added my favorite Nutella combo item…. NANNERS!!!!!

on a side note… i really need to learn how to use my camera or get a new one… i had every light on in the house and it was 8 am and it still took that crappy picture… anyways…

my only other adjustment to the recipe was that I used wheat bread and I add cinnamon to the egg custard (my dad’s big thing)… was delish i tell you!!!

eggs powerdered sugggga milk and cinaminanininin

best stuff EVA!

layer that puppy up… (that’s just a second sammich underneath, don’t worry I didn’t make a quadruple decker french toast monster)… next time I might put a little Nutella on the other side too just to hold the sandwhich together better but still did pretty well…

into the egg custard for 20 seconds on each side to soak up good… and into the pan!

then douse with buttah and a little syrup and you are in a sweet sugar rush to make your morning better than ever…

nom nom

i made an extra one and had it last night for dessert when I got home from steve’s parents… that good…

Nanner and Nutella Stuffed French Toast

adapted from Heather at the Joyful Kitchen

  • 6 pieces of bread of choice
  • 3 eggs (1:2 ratio with the bread)
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 1/8 cup of powdered sugar
  • 1 heaping tbs of cinnamon
  • 1 large banana
  • 3 tbs Nutella
  1. In a bowl whisk eggs, milk, powdered sugar and cinnamon
  2. Slice banana
  3. Spread 1-1/2 tbs of Nutella on piece of bread (a little bit on the adjoining piece to help keep together if you want)
  4. cover Nutella with banana pieces
  5. Sandwich plain piece of bread (or piece w/ less Nutella) on top
  6. Soak in egg custard on each side for 20 seconds
  7. Place in med-hot pan and cook on each side for approx 3 minutes
  8. top assortment of options and enjoy!!!!!

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