you know what car…..

5 minutes to work today my 4 warning lights turned into 5…

the newest addition to the party…. “service engine soon” in my mind the worst one…. and just fyi i was parked in the parking garage when I took that pic hence the seatbelt light on…

But yeah, I’m hoping the car is just pissed at the 15 degree weather that we’ve been having in Pittsburgh for the last 4 days and is just being stubborn but I won’t lie, I’m worried… I have finals tomorrow and friday and I need it to be able to get me through to Saturday when it looks like I will actually be getting a new car (mom has actually agreed to cosign, hell might have frozen over the other day explaining our frigid temperatures)…

The snow isn’t melting and Minnie stayed out until her hair was standing on end… I tried to get a picture of her face covered in snow but by the time she sat still she had licked most of it off…

still a little on your nose there snow puppy

I’ve been in the office all day with the exception of one trip out to hand in a final project (which I attempted to hand in last night but yet another fiasco in my life, one of my fellow students noticed someone had taken my project out of the drop off box and then put it back in we think they made copies)…. needless to say in fear that someone was using my data to cheat I emailed the TA and professor and wanted to make sure that they knew the situation before I actually submitted the project….

Lunch was left over pasta from pizza hut… i know i know not very healthy but it was a correct portion at least!!!!

 the pasta is always salty for my taste but Steve likes it and his hours are insane this week at his new position, today he worked 5am-1pm and then goes back in from 11pm-11am… so I figured he could eat this quick last night and more today when he got home… and easy for me to pack for lunch…

Can I just say I LOVE those little tupperware things… Steve’s mom gave them to me when cleaning out her kitchen and they are awesome portion control… like rip off bento boxes…

Now to sit down and study this

that’s all ONE class… epidemiology… yeah… insane… its open note open book so the top folder is the condensed version of the bottom binder but I’ll be using both tomorrow night I’m sure… I better get studying…


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