christmas eve pizza

my family didn’t go out to a family members on christmas eve… my dad delivered cookies in the evening and at some time mom and dad decided that since there would be so much cooking the next day that they were boycotting the kitchen after lunch on christmas eve….

so every year we spent the day trying to find a pizza shop open until dinner time on the 24th… dad usually had to go get it as pick up was easier than delivery…

mmm pizza


pizza…cookie delivery and every attempt to stay up to see santa…. that was christmas eve… a few years ago my mom, grandma and i got together on christmas eve… and my mom suggested we get a pizza… it was easier to find this time… and dad’s tradition was back for a short while…

just for the fun of it I ran a Google search on “Christmas Eve Pizza” and got a kick out of how many other stories there were about people who had the same tradition as me!!! i love it!!!!

what is your family’s christmas eve tradition???


One thought on “christmas eve pizza

  1. mom, dad, bro, gram, pap, moms bro, & i all have dinner together. some of us go to church. then, we all read (recite by now) the night before christmas!

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