Finally done with finals….

Finally done with xmas shopping…

Finally done with CAR SHOPPING!!!!

Finals wrapped up on Friday… so far I’ve got 2 A’s and an A-… 3 grades still to come… but one of the A’s was in econ a class I was really worried about…

Steve and I finished his xmas shopping yesterday (mine’s been done for a week) but he hates shopping and has agreed that next year he’s handing me a credit card and letting me order everything online… because let me tell you shopping with him is horrible!!! lol

But I got the best xmas present at all…

2007 GMC Envoy

Saturday we headed out to the car dealership my family has used for years and 2 of the vehicles I was interested in had been sold and 1 was on loan… we test drove the one Equinox that was in my price range but I didn’t like the interior and my mom didn’t like it and was leary to co-sign…

So we walked the lot and even though this was WAY out of my price range we took a look at it and drove it for a quick spin… I really liked it… and my mom, step dad and Steve went to town getting the financing to work… my mom even pitched in on the down payment!!! between all of us we got the down payment covered and the extra monthly payment taken care of and I walked off the lot!!!!

Now that I’ve had it a few days I love it!… it may be a bit of a gas guzzler but its beastly… and it has this…


 and a BOSE sound system and 6 disc CD changer in this…

and lots of room for this one…

 back here..


Today I hit up the gym for the first time in months another YAY… and then picked up cleaning supplies and some of these to makes some treats with on wednesday….

and then I got home and cleaned these two things that were in DIRE need…

how disgustingly empty is that fridge… and that’s AFTER i bought essentials…

tonight I get to go to the Melting Pot for Fondue with my two best friends Ashley and Melissa for our annual holiday night out… YAY a third time!!!

Stay tuned for a big update about some recent correspondence with friend’s of my dad’s that really have made this holiday that much more special for me…


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