counting my blessings

Last night I began to feel sad, even tearing up a bit, thinking that this has been such a wonderful holiday season so far and that the one thing missing from it was Dad… it is amazing how that one thing can begin to pull you down…

The more I sat there the more the logical side of me began to win out… I realized that I got to see my dad’s siblings this week and my cousin’s new daughter… I learned how to “paint” sugar cookies like my grandmother did years ago…

I will be spending tonight with Steve’s family, going to church for the first time in years…. something that can only do me good…

My mother has been in the Christmas spirit for the first time in my memory and it is heartwarming to see and touches me deeply….

My family has come together to help me purchase a much needed new vehicle… something I never thought would happen…

I will spend tomorrow with not only Steve’s family but with my mom and 94 year old grandmother…

I cannot wait to see the looks on everyone’s faces when they open their gifts… for once, its not about me…

Dad cannot be here…. but I have so many other amazing things blessing me right now that I can’t be anything but thankful….

I love you dad…. merry christmas….


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