good friends good food

Monday night my two best friends and I synced our schedules to go to a great fondue restaurant in Pittsburgh, The Melting Pot.  Every year around christmas we try to get together and go have fondue and drinks just us girls, no boys allowed…

love these girls!!! Melissa and Ashley

Melissa needs to make a food blog by the way because I call her constantly for rescuing when I’m baking or cooking… She’s fantastic at it…

The Melting Pot always has a specially menu with some type of fusion food offered on it, usually its “ok” but you can’t beat the price so we usually get it and sub out what we don’t like…

This year they had FRENCH FUSION!

We didn’t even bother looking at anything else…. well except the wine…

We’ll take a bottle of sweet reisling please!

by FAR our favoriate wine…. I LOVE a sweet white wine and this is just tops for me…and thankfully it isn’t 100$ a bottle!  Melissa, her brother and I had two bottles of this in Vegas last year and since then we’ve been hooked…

Forgive the next pictures, the food was so good that I forgot to take pictures when it came, so they are all aftermath shots lol….

Cheese was the brie and 2 other french cheeses with BACON and white wine base…

apples and bread as some of the dippers

I had the niscoise salad which was delish… dressing was tangy which I love…

are those beets on the top?

 then came meats…which is usually disappointing but this time, they were seasoned so well!!!! filet, lobster, chicken, shrimp and ny strip… yummmmm

The aftermath…..

the dipping sauces tasted better than they have before too…especially the terriaki sauce… I put it on everything!

Round 4 was the chocolate turtle foundue – milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans…. I have no good pictures of this…. just of my plate after I demolished my dippers which had included naners, rice krispy treats, graham cracker and oreo covered marshmellows, pound cake, brownies and cheese cake…

Right about now, we all realized that our pants were ready to burst and we were so stuffed it hurt to move…. so we forked over the mulah for the bill and then waddled back to the car…. having enjoyed out christmas girls dinner night….

Side note of the night – we pull up to the restaurant and I realized I left my wallet at home……… so thankfully the girls had me covered until we could get home and I could pay them back lol…. I was so excited to drive them in my new vehicle that I walked out with no wallet!


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