Belated Christmas

So sorry that I’ve been missing for a few days… I seem to have crashed after the insanity of the last semester and the holidays… plus my back isn’t getting any better so I’ve only be moving from the recliner when I have to cook or take the dog out…

Today I’ll be venturing to the grocery store hopefully, maybe getting moving will help a bit…

Christmas was exhausting but great… I was spoiled beyond belief…

Steve’s family goes all out… this was just Christmas morning… Christmas Eve had just as many at his Grandmothers with the extended family…

minnie's present!

Minnie got a red barn filled bone… normally she demolished a bone in a day or two…. she’s barely made a dent in this one its awesome!  (thanks for the tip Rachele)

Steve's brother's wrapping

see the plain box with the ribbon? that is Dan’s idea of wrapping… made for good laughs… its the thought that counts and he did it himself afterall…

guns........... boys..

unbeknownst to each other the brothers got each other rifles for Christmas… Dan outdid his big brother with the camo and scope though… hehe


we then proceeded to eat a bunch ofthese while waiting for papa H to make scrambled eggs for breakfast…

Steve and I headed to my Maya’s for an early dinner and some presents with my mom, step dad and maya… it was pretty good given our history of bad holidays…

Back to Steve’s parents for dinner the last of the presents and finally home to go to bed….

You may laugh at what I got but its what I put on my list…

  • iron
  • ironing board
  • 2 books (jane green and jodi picoult)
  • mario galaxy game (which is totally on my level lol)
  • new wii remote – since minnie eats them for snacks
  • Despicable Me DVD
  • 40 piece rubbermaid set (seriously… I needed it)
  • bunch of socks
  • some votives
  • a steelers hoodie and t-shirt
  • handmade ornaments
  • flannel pj set
  • slippers
  • gift cards

told you I got spoiled…. plus that envoy in the driveway…

and to top it off… Steve’s dad has been here all week working on home improvement projects during his week off… he’s rebuilt the access panel where we had to redo the plumbing, secured the basement stairs that were collapsing, and insulated the 2 basement windows that were apparently letting out half the heat in the house…

so blessed this holiday season….


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