since my back hasn’t been letting me move around too much I’ve been making a few snacks here and there and got up the energy to make a big pasta bake who’s leftovers I’ve been living off of since Monday…

grilled cheeeeeesus

please tell me someone who is a gleek gets that caption….

my creation has grilled onions, tomato, american and muenster cheese…. it was uber delish… I was a hardcore grilled cheese addict when I lived in Maryland and worked at a little diner by the university… one of the cooks used to make them for me when we were slow…. yum…

mmmm ranch

and then I topped it off with ranch dressing because that’s how I do….

and like the rest of the blogging world I tried my hand at Jessica’s Cookie Dough Dip

She has recipes for snickerdoodle, peanut butter and double fudge…. but becuase I can’t make up my mind I just combined the PB and the chocolate… 🙂

mix ins!


this was sooooo sweet I could only eat a little at a time but def good….

My dippers…. were a plate of these….

cinnamon sugar tortilla chips…. mmmmmm… reminded me a little of my favorite snack when I was little – toast with butter cinnamon and sugar….and I wonder why I have a sweet tooth, mom indulged me a little much…

To make these I just cut up some tortillas and laid them on a baking sheet and sprinkled with a layer of cinnamon and sugar and popped under a low broiler setting just keep a close eye on them!

Be back tonight with my successful chicken and sausage pasta bake… if there’s one thing I’m good at its casseroles, so I’m just gonna embrace it and role with it lol…


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