I forgot my lunch Ma

This morning I shadowed an exec at a local hospital and it was perfect scheduling because it meant I could stop at home and eat lunch before coming into the office and going to class tonight… Thursdays are my only extra long day this semester and I am determined not to eat out if at all possible… I got home, ate some left over mac and cheese for lunch and packed a bunch of snacks and this great little sandwich for dinner…

too bad I’m at the office now and all of my snacks and that sandwich are sitting in my lunch bag on my counter at home… 😦 no fair!!!!!! I was looking forward to my fake chick’n (morningstar farms italian chicken breast) sandwich…

luckily I have a couple yogurts and fruit cups stashed in my drawer at work but it will be rough trying to make it til 8pm tonight on just that… there are just no real healthy options down here around campus sadly…

Oh well that’s life… at least it will be waiting for me at home if one of the cats doesn’t break into the lunch bag and help themself…

On the bright side Steve and I have had a salad for dinner every night this week… pretty impressive if you ask me…

He is sticking to chef salads loaded with veggies and some chopped ham and cheese….


And I have a smaller salad also loaded up with veggies and I add 2 small chicken fingers chopped up to mine… maybe not the healthiest but I find it is keeping me from having horrible cravings…


top those puppies off with a couple tablespoons of dressing and good to go… i’ve been on a French dressing kick, also not the healthiest but not as bad in the calorie department as some like blue cheese or full fat ranch… and the portion is definitely smaller than if I was eating something else…

and remember this from a few weeks ago??

so empty

check that puppy out now… and we already need to restock some of the salad supplies!!!


tupperware everywhere… it makes my heart happy 🙂

So I’m doing well on half of my new years resolutions….

I will admit that I cannot get myself out of bed before 7am though….

Q: How do you motivate yourself to get up early?


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