arthritis too young

Back in August I saw an orthopedic surgeon for pain I had been having in my left knee.  My uncle, who is a family physician had looked at it thought that I had water on the joint and wanted me to get a specialist to look at it.  So I did.

One thing about me, I’m not afraid of doctors, maybe because my dad ran a hospital but they don’t scare me… 5 surgeries will do that to you I guess. 

But this was the knee that I’d had an ACL replacement on and I really wasn’t looking forward to any bad news about it.  The doctor prescribed an MRI to check for ligament damage and the diagnosis that came back was not what I was suspecting.

I had a cyst on my MCL – something fixable, I got it drained (horrible horrible experience, worse than surgery I think) and I’ll get it checked again in a year.  It was when they zoomed in on my joint and compared it to my “good” knee which really isn’t good either than the concern came up.

At 25 I already had moderate arthritis in the joint.  The degeneration of the joint was already visible in comparison to my “good” knee which was also apparently in the early stages of arthritis but not nearly as bad.

example xray – good knee on the left bad knee on the right


In the xray you can see the knee on the right is much more compressed… This was pretty much exactly how my xrays and MRI looked.

I’m not sure why it hit me so hard but I felt like I had been socked in the face.  Had 13 years of gymnastics and dance really resulted in something that was going to affect me the rest of my life?

The doctor said that the only way to treat it was with anti-inflamatories and to stay off of it when it flared up bad.  Of course being 250 lbs now didn’t help either so getting some weight off would be beneficial as well.

Since draining the cyst, the knee hasn’t been bothering me too badly but today as I did the stairs a few times to the pharmacy in my building the pain was simply incredible. 

So now I have even more motivation to get the weight off.  Who wants a knee replacement at 30 just because they are overweight?  Get the weight off, save the joint, save the knee…

Q: Do you have arthritis? How do you handle pain management?


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