packages and naners

That post title sounds a little dirty now that I think of it… oh well lol

I made it through my long day with little food yesterday surprisingly well.  I got home and stuffed my sandwhich in my mouth, had a cup of hot chocolate out of my Keurig and called it a night. 

BUT before I could even get in the door I found a little package waiting for me on the doorstep! exciting!

opened it up and found these goodies 🙂

redpack promotion kit

A few weeks ago I got my first contact from a PR company asking if I’d like some goodies from RedPack tomatoes and seeing as I already buy them when they are on sale I jumped all over the offer.  And you can only imagine how happy I was to see a couple extra kitchen gadgets in there.  So this weekend maybe I will attempt to use some of these nom nom goodness for NON-pasta dishes :0!!! nooo you don’t say… yes, because I think the dear boyfriend may need a breather for a day or two.

This morning I was able to get moving a little easier though still at 7am and not the desired 6am… and helped myself to some yummy oatmeal

oatmeal with bananers, brown sugar and chocolate chips

this satisfied my sweet tooth good and early and holds me off until 11:30am usually…

Speaking of banananananas…. While the camera was out of commission I was unable to share one of my favorite baked treats with you….

dont' mind me I couldn't help myself - had to try some


My mom and grandma have made this since I was a kid and I’d like to say I’ve got a pretty good hold on it now.  This version was with whole wheat flour so that totally justified allowing the chocolate chip addition.

Steve came home and cut off half the loaf and ate it while watching TV.  Not lying.  Seriously.  When he likes something he doesn’t know when to stop.

just believe me when I say never throw out bananas that are starting to go brown… just mush em up and throw together some awesome banana bread and everyone will be happy…

You know what’s even better – but sadly I didn’t have any?

Putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a warm slice with some hot chocolate syrup…. Oh my… I’m glad this loaf is gone or else my diet might be out of the window right now.

I’ll scrounge up this recipe while I’m home this weekend and get it posted by Monday in case anyone wants it.

By the way.  I’m excited for my Sunday weigh in.

Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but the official starting weight was last Sunday and was……………. 😦 251 lbs…. and that folks is why a change is being made! 🙂


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