someone got a boo boo

and for once it wasn’t me! though it was my 120lb baby girl Minnie…

She decided to chase one of the cats around the house and slid on the tile floor into the kitchen and I think when she tried to right herself she sliced the pad of her paw on something.  I heard her yelp and could see she was hopping around and bleeding but of course someone is a bad patient and wouldn’t let me see it.

So Steve and I had to get her muzzled and pinned on the floor so I could see if it was bad and needed a vet.  Luckily it looks like she just took a little layer of the pad off and as long as it stays clean it should be ok.  But just like a kid she will stay off it for a few hrs walk around fine, then jump back up, land hard on it and start limping around again.

she kept trying to eat the paper towel

so most of the evening I just laid on the couch with her checking the bleeding and she seems to be doing ok today.

With my late night last night Steve was on his own for dinner and did well at first having a bowl of soup but when I got home he kept saying he was dying for pizza so I compromised with him and agreed to get a pizza as long as we got a white pizza (with olive oil, garlic, cheese and tomatoes).

We had left overs which I packed for lunch today.

it was ok, I’ve had better, I mean come on just look at the amount of grease on that bugger.  and yes, that’s a chocolate chip cookie, I had an office lady moment and snagged a left over one that was in the kitchen of the office.  The cookies here are awesome in my opinion.  So calorie lock down the rest of the day, shouldn’t be too hard, I just have a yogurt and small portion of sheperd’s pie to eat later since I won’t be home til after 6:30.

One other just off the wall thing. Why is this in my driveway and in my parking spot none the less?????

silly boys and their toys… unless its plowing my driveway take it back to where it belongs lol.


Q: when you crave pizza what do you do?


5 thoughts on “someone got a boo boo

  1. I head to Mellow Mushroom for their “Magical Mystery Tour” pizza!
    Its pesto based with mushrooms, feta cheese, spinach, and jalapenos! Its heaven!

  2. Haha, when I crave pizza I eat it. I probably have pizza once a week or more. I love it so much.

    I hope Minnie feels better.

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