wake up call

So can I just say for the 90th time that I LOVE my Fitbit!  its so little and just clips onto my pocket or waist band and the website and super easy to use… plus the wireless uploads of data are pretty great.

barely even notice it! you can even clip it to your bra girls!

everytime I'm withing 15 feet it uploads and updates my data! also the charging station - to be used every 5-7 days...

as I said before I love the website.  It automatically tracks steps, calories burned, activity level and distance traveled… At night you can set it to sleep mode and it will track how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you wake up during the night, and how efficient you sleep is…

I was shocked when I saw these results because I was pretty sure that I was waking up numerous times thoughout the night.  But look at my stats!

99% sleep efficiency!

Now I’m starting to think that I’m sleeping tooooo much.  If I’m really sleeping almost 9 hrs a night thenI feel like that is defeating the purpose as I do best with 7 1/2-8 hrs of sleep a night.

it also shows exactly when you were buring the most calories along with your regular calorie burn if you were doing nothing.  The goal calories were if I wanted to maintain my weight at 241 which I don’t and I also need to update my weight as of yesterday’s weigh in.  I’m not sure how to change the goal yet.

can track sooooo many things if you want to

you can track tons of things if you want to like blood sugar, bp, all of your food and water intake of course, you can also record you mood and journal if you want to.  There seems to be a good log of food to pick from and adding your own is easy.

Not seen in these screen shots are the community link where you can talk to other losers about their goals etc.

After seeing how few steps I was taking, how I could increase my weater intake, and how sedentary I am ( they total up your sedentary minutes every day) I know I need to make changes and get moving!

new water bottle!

I’ve got this with me 24/7 now and the last 2 days have drank over 140 oz of water!

and then I busted out these books….

proven to work so lets use it!

I got them last year and have barely used them but what I have made has been delish.

And today I started out with my tried and true oatmeal

mmmm brown sugar oatmeal with a hint of chocolate

I hope everyone has a fantastic MLK jr day!!!!


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