slip sliding awayyyyyyy….

it’s a little bit icy here in Pittsburgh today! as in the boy couldn’t go to work this morning until our road was rescued by the salt truck slowly backing up it at 7am dumping a heaping pile of salt as it went…

allllllll ice.... what a fun driveway adventure

I have an icy driveway to begin with as we’ve been having problems with run off from an underground stream that just happens to bubble up in the side of our yard, but this was covering EVERYTHING!

there's concrete under there somewhere

 and it’s supposed to rain/sleet again this afternoon and evening so I’m not sure if it will be getting any better… but for now things seem to have thawed out.  I did almost take a few spills though luckily still on my feet (knock on wood).

Yesterday was pretty laid back.  I treated myself to this yummy little creation for lunch:

fake parm chicken sammich

whole wheat bread with a Morningstar Farms Italian Chick’n pattie, leftover pasta sauce from last week and fresh mozzerella cheese melted on top.  Made it into a sandwich and gobbled it down.

Then I had a great decision making moment.

My grandmother lives less than a mile from my house and yet I always drive to her apartment to visit.  So yesterday when I had to run her a half gallon of milk I decided that I would walk the short distance.  Plugged in my ipod and off I went.  It was chilly and my asthma was not happy but you have to start somewhere.

Plus it got my steps up to about 7ooo yesterday which was much much better than the last few days.

Today’s grub was the usual oatmeal for breakfast and then this very very brown lunch.

Who says brown is bad?

whole grain sante fe rice and a veggie pattie

It woulda been better with some green stuff in there I will give you that but it was still pretty nommy.

This was my first time trying the whole grain flavored rice from Uncle Ben’s microwave rice and it wasn’t bad, the sodium is much higher than the plain whole grain or white rice but it was still good.

Today I will be reading and reading and reading and trying to get a head start on some work and papers.  And its back to salads for dinner, though we may spice it up this week with some toppings 😉 stay tuned.


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