lots of gray

its been a heck of a last 24 hrs I tell you what… we tried to put air in my tires and the one valve broke off so now i’m riding on my spare which at least is full size but still… the weather is nasty, i slept like crap last night (fitbit confirmed I was up 12 times and only had a sleep efficiency of 94% compared to my usual 99%)…

and then to top it off today I find about 15-20 gray hairs just laughing at me in the mirror…. ugh… what an ugly ugly day in Pittsburgh… gray skies, gray mood, gray hair….

I’ll be glad when this work week is over that’s for sure… especially because my 26th birthday is Saturday! yay! guess what I have planned????


nothing… that’s right… nothing… I told the boy to surprise me if he wanted but I would be fine doing nothing this year, I guess I really am getting old…

I picked up his mom last night from work because of the weather and we stopped at subway on the way home to get dinner for everyone… I got a turkey melt on wheat with lettuce, mater and onion with honey mustard dressing… ate half last night and munched on the other half for lunch…

I’ve got cottage cheese and pears packed for a snack in between class as well as a yogurt…

mmmmm def one of my favorite combos….

and I’m looking forward to going home after classes and cuddling up with this snuggle bug who apparently now likes to sit like a human….

i'm watching for the garbage men mom!

 seriously what dog sits like that……..????

Q of the day: If you have pets what are some crazy things they do?


4 thoughts on “lots of gray

  1. This time of yea, both my girls are obsessed with staying warm. Periwinkle prefers to sleep inside the dryer (dangerous!). As for Schenley, every time I open our hall closet she goes ballistic hoping i’ll take out the heating pad and put it in her bed. She’ll sleep on that heating pad all day. My house must feel like an igloo to them or something.

  2. I found a few new gray hairs the other day when I was washing my hands at work. I am not happy and my hairstylist needs to kick it up a notch!

    My dog will take one piece of food from his bowl, bring it out into the living room, circle around it, lunge at it, back away from it and then eat it and repeat, wtf? I love it!

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