One Day!!!

Until my birthday!!!!!!! yay!!!!! so yeah my celebration starts today 🙂

We got a bunch of this last night….


and then shoveled for 20 minutes because somehow I’ve been left the shoveling duting now…

yeah even shoveled the driveway all the way to the street!!!

 then I come in all sweaty, salty (the wind blew and threw the salt I was using into my mouth!) and dirty and find this little guy just chilling in the laundry basket…

oh, are you comfy and warm mr. samson?

food has not been exciting the last few nights…. last night i was just glad to get home safe after sliding all over the roads… i’ve been happy with just some whole grain pasta, some melted laughing cow cheese (a tip via kacy) and sauce with a litttttle bit of mozzerella on top…. delish and filling…

messy but good

 so I have no plans for my birthday… honestly… maybe dinner tonight with the boy after getting my jaw adjusted by the chiro (it is doing WONDERS for my tmj) and watching the Steelers whoop on the Jets on Sunday, but tomorrow on my actual 26th bday lol I might be spending the day like any other…

and that’s ok with me…


5 thoughts on “One Day!!!

  1. I havent had rotini in forever and yours looks damn tasty! And I’m jealous of your snow, it’s just cold here and would love some snow to accompany it. At least you got a good workout with all that shoveling 🙂

    Have a super fabulous birthday tomorrow–treat yourself to something nice 🙂

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