Happy Birthday to Me :)


I have to admit, this may be my mood today lol… I fell getting into the boy’s massive truck last night after dinner and pulled my shoulder really bad… Had I not gotten hurt it would have been pretty funny, as Steve said, it looked like I was making “slush angels”.

So I’m propped up, on motrin and hoping that someone gets me some cake at some point today because it’s my birthday and I dammit I want some chocolate cake!  (I just started singing the little jingle from Bill Cosby’s stand up where he immitates his kids saying “i want cake, gimme the chocolate cake)

have a great day everyone!

p.s. what I really want for my bday is a win by these guys tomorrow


and that’s how you know i’m from Pittsburgh, when my big birthday wish is for a playoff win lol


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me :)

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