Sunday weigh-in 3

So I have to be honest – I was going to skip the weigh in this week given that I gorged pretty good this weekend being my bday and all but what good does it do pulling the wool over my own eyes.

I need to know what bad eating will do to me and well it certainly didn’t help ha!

Last week: 244

This week: 245

So I gained a pound.  I had 2 peices of my mom’s cake (which I will making in few weeks and you will all want to eat off of the computer screen) and then the boy and I went to The Cheesecake Factory and we took an entire cheesecake home to his parents for everyone to have.  I figure that slice of cheesecake could alone account for my 1 lb weight gain.

And I’ve got a cold kicking up on top of the shoulder injury.  So Im hoping that I can drop the 5 lbs I put on over the last 2 weeks pretty quickly and I look forward to the challenge.

Also, we got a new scale, miss minnie was on a rampage and cracked the screen of the analog one and it wouldn’t work right so I got a nice new digital one that she is not allowed near.



2 thoughts on “Sunday weigh-in 3

  1. I agree, always have on your bday–screw the numbers!

    Just curious-are you measuring your inches lost also or just sticking to the scale? For me, seeing myself not losing as much as I wanted was discouraging so I started to measure myself as well so in cases where I was gaining muscle and losing inches, it wouldnt mess with me as much mentally.

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