Here ducky ducky


that’s my new salt and pepper shakers/holder…. seriously… I was looking for a set because I don’t own any which apparently is a sin in the boy’s eyes and he shot down all of my choices and then when this came up on Amazon I jokingly showed it to him… and of course… he explains… “you HAVE to get that”


So now mister ducky is sitting on the counter craddling salt and pepper like they are two big bottles of booze…

After setting up the duck master of condiments I whipped up some sketti…

Sauce was just red onions and crumbled up burger from other night…

Tossed it with some angel hair pasta and some GOUDA 🙂 love me my gouda and was a nice happy camper….

I wanna go home and eat left overs now… yum…

I’m in class til 7:30 tonight so those leftovers will get nommed up tonight when i roll myself in through the door…

and this guy will be there to greet me

He quacks me up…….. 🙂


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