celebrating 95 years

so the bad news is I didn’t get a post up yesterday

The good news is I have blog posts material for the next few days even if I do nothing with my life over the next 48 hrs lol

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with my mom, step dad and this amazing woman

Yesterday my grandmother who I refer to as Maya, turned 95 years old… 95!!!!! she still lives independently and is such an amazing woman that I can’t even begin to say how proud I am to be her granddaughter…

She has taken on cancer and won, she currently battles macular degeneration and is not giving into that either…

I will admit I did not make her a cake, as at 95 I thought she deserved something that would actually be good lol…

So I bought her one from the local grocery store… chocolate cake with whip cream icing…

She had said that all she wanted for this birthday was to have her family with her and to eat cake and ice cream, so that’s exactly what we did… and she couldn’t have been happier…

 did you notice her repping the steelers even at 95??? heck yeah that’s my grandma!

and no help needed with the candles… she had that down good… except she forgot to make a wish and so we had to relight them… lol… hey she’s 95, she’s allowed one goof up 😉

happy birthday maya…. you are one amazing woman…

Q of the Day: Who is one of your biggest role models?


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