Sunday Weigh In – 4

Hi guys….

No lie, I expected that scale to hate me today… I’m pmsing like a maniac and its been showing in my food choices… plus I had a bunch of coffe this week which always leads me to retain water… and though my step count was up according to the fitbit… I still haven’t been doing any structured exercise…

So I stepped on this morning just praying for no weight gain – which, let me just say needs to be a topic of discussion later this week because that is definately the wrong state of mind…

And imagine my disbelief when the scale registered 244 – down 1 lb…

welllllll then…. I re-zeroed the scaled and did it again… same result…

So I will take it…

The goal for this week… get to the gym… and make sure to watch calories because the super bowl is next sunday and well that just will be TROUBLE!


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