caught the bug

the bad bug….

in the last few days i’ve picked up a strain of the GI bug and with that on top of shadowing at a local hospital for 6 hrs and then an evening and night of classes i’ve just been done in…

High point of my day….. i got 10,000+ steps in because i huffed it off campus to a guest speaker instead of hopping on a bus…


so sorry that i didn’t geta post today or have a good one up tonight… but here’s a hint for what is coming your way tomorrow!!!

those would be something that are "marbled"

Q of the Day: what is your favorite comfort food when you’re sick?


8 thoughts on “caught the bug

  1. Eek, hope you feel better soon! There is something going around our office and people keep calling in sick so it’s just that time of year.

    I have to have either hot n sour soup or Chicken McNuggets when I’m sick. I dont know why but it makes me feel better.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Good job with not taking the bus. I still have memories of the 7A I used to have to take all the time.

    My comfort food is very boring, but I love whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Something about the way it melts on warm bread.

    • i have a phobia of public transportation back from when I lived in DC and took the metro a few times with some shady ppl… I did the take the bus for a few months when i interned down town but that ended after a guy with a drug problem got out of hand so now its walk or drive lol

  3. Feel better!
    If I’m sick to my stomach I always want ice cream, but if I’m congested or just feeling crappy I tend to crave spicy things.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. When I have a stomach bug it would be nothing. When it’s a cold usually someothing warm and carby (a new would). I second the bread and peanut butter 🙂

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