Trader Joe’s is my best friend

I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in probably 4 months and this past monday I ran over after my class ended at 1.  I was so excited and let me tell you the place was PACKED… I almost got hit twice in the parking lot alone but 100+ dollars later and taking my time to look at a lot of things I haven’t in the past I came home with a full trunk…

I also had one bag completely fall apart on me but better 1 bag then all six… and thanks to posts like Jessica’s because it clued me into some things that I don’t normally look at!

Here are some of the goodies!

some ahhhmazing tzatziki sauce and yummo hummus!

that hummus and I have been best friends after I read over at Tiffany’s blog about how she uses it in her chicken!

frozen goodies, the orange chicken everyone raves about and some dillas

the best plain pasta sauce ever and LOW SODIUM!!!!!!!

sweet potato gnocchi which I am very interested to try

lots and lots of cheeeeeese

various extras and steve's favorite bruschetta topping

one of TJ's new items... and they are delish I can tell you

can someone tell me where LUNA bars have been my whole life... I need to buy these in bulk...

steve's favorite pasta... asks for it 2-3 times a week

And some items that I will be using to make this birthday cake but from scratch!!!!

semi normal cake ingredient

not so normal cake ingredient

Sorry for the bad picture quality… I’m still waiting for Santa to bring me a DSLR camera!


4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s is my best friend

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am seriously drooling over everything you bought. The Mandarin Orange chicken is one of my favorite things ever and I can’t wait to see you try the gnocchi–how have I missed that when I go?

    What is about TJ’s and their parking schematics that turn people insane? I used to live within walking distance of one but now I have to drive to one and the people act like they have never drove before, it drives me batty!

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