Sunday Weigh In – 5

Happy Super Bowl Morning!!!!!


I’m just trying to find things to take my mind off of the game until 3pm when we’ll probably head over to the boy’s parents for the pregaming…

I’ll be wearing the same tank top, hoodie, pants, and SOCKS that i’ve worn since Christmas (when I got my Steelers hoodie) and like everyone else my superstions are rediculous…

I even made the boy’s dad promise to make the same sweet sausage and veggies – if he doesn’t make it i might panic…


I decided the first distraction would be my weekly scale climb and after some hard core snow tubing last night I was really hoping to at least see a one pound loss…


Last week – 244

This week – 242Ā  (-2)

YAY!!!! now, lets be honest, I’ll put that all back on today during the game but just means I’ll have to get back on the treadmill tomorrow morning now that I’m feeling better and get back to the grind!

This one is also finding it hard to find something to do to pass the time until the game…

why does the superbowl have to be a night game mom???

Slow and steady wins the race………


2 thoughts on “Sunday Weigh In – 5

  1. I hope things turn out the way you want! I’m still not sure who I’m rooting for, but I want everyone to be happy, haha šŸ™‚

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