Superbowl Sadness

I think I’m still in Superbowl loss hangover mode… šŸ˜¦ so sad…

We had a great day up until the end of the game… and I’m just now getting my broken football heart back together… Plus I think this med change the migraine docs made is still screwing me up big time… I had a talk with the pharmacist this morning and they recommended a few things for me that will hopefully help out… fingers crossed…

But anyways… I was a snack attack queen on game day… perusing the web for some good munchies and also made some of my own…

Warning!!!! what is below may not be considered the healthiest food in the world!!!

Steve's "little breads"

made with cocktail rye bread, olives, onion, cheese and mayo and baked until cripsy…

Spinach dip bread bowl

Spinach, mayo, sour cream, garlic powder, water chesnuts… and yummy sweet bread:

Love this bread when making dips for parties and games…

black and gold deviled eggs

kielbasa and potatoes



chocolate chip cheese ball - steve ate 3/4 of it

the best part!!! SWEET SAUSAGE AND VEGGIES!!!!

god I could eat that all day!!!

and I don’t even likeĀ peppers and mushrooms!!

I can take claim for the spinach dip, little breads, chocolate chip cheese ball and the not pictured slow cooker fudge cakeĀ that I’ve been seeing all over blogs for the last few months.Ā  You can click the link and find the recipe over at Mel’s blog.

But none the less, the Steelers lost…. They didn’t bring home their 7th super bowl win… andĀ I still love the team, the players the coach and all of the fans…

Funny story to close the post with… Minnie has a little “stuffless” squirrel that she takes with her everywhere… well he needed washed the other day and then I forgot about him in the basement… After 3 days Squeekums made it back upstairs… and this is what happened for the next I don’t know how many hours…

She even tried to take him outside with her on a potty break… needless to say Mommy was in the dog house for a little bit until she knew Squeekums wasn’t getting taken back to the washer.

Q of the Day: What was your favorite super bowl meal/snack this year?


2 thoughts on “Superbowl Sadness

  1. Awww, I love that pic of Minnie and her baby (thats what I call Lincolns squeakies). She looks so peaceful and content.

    Chocolate chip cheese ball? Is that for real? Where do I find out how to make that?? It is sooooooo on!

    Superbowl is the perfect time for unhealthy foods. I am really diggin the black and gold deviled eggs as well. And if I have access to that spinach dip bowl, I would have run off with it. Sucks that they lost but at least they make it that far!

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