med meltdown

I woke up this morning feeling even worse than I have been… the last few days I’ve split up my increased dosage between morning and night which the pharmacist said should help but clearly has not…

I finally got myself out of the bed at 8 am and wasn’t sure if I could even eat anything for breakfast…

I called the doc and left a message to see what they could recommend because needless to say this is not flying in my book… They dropped me back down to my orginal dose and over the next month will creep up to the higher dose little by little…

Anyyyyways… no class for me and working from home today… bah….

last few nights I haven’t felt like cooking so I utilized the easy sketti and left overs for mix ins


sauted up some onions in case i wanted them for the rest of the week

add ins

 added some low sodium sauce and left over sausage and veggies from the superbowl…

angel hair pasta

yummy bowl of comfort

mix it all together and add some cheese and love it….

I did drag myself up last night to bake a little bit…. here’s a hint…

yeah so what i licked the whole bowl what about it??? when meds are making you crazy have some cake batter!


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