clean then dirty

soooo here’s proof that i cleaned my kitchen yesterday:

don't ya love the 80s cabinets

 and then this happened today:


which made my oven look like this:

very very burnt on the bottom

When I smelled the smoke I got a pan in on the lower rack to catch spill over but it was a little late for half of the loss…

The rest of the day has involved burning lots of these to get out the smoke smell:

yay yankee candle

But in the end I got this:

aw layered valentine's cake

And the kitchen is still pretty damn clean…

What a day… and its only 1:30


3 thoughts on “clean then dirty

  1. Hey you got alot done. And 80’s cabinets are better than no cabinets! I maybe have four in my kitchen–no cabinets and no counter space. I can’t wait to move.

    That cake is adorable. I’m attempting cupcakes tomorrow so just crossing my fingers the fire alarm doesnt go off!

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