No weigh in post this week

I know I say that no matter what I will post my weigh in but honestly I can’t even bring myself to get on the scale… I know I put on weight this week… more than a pounds worth because I didn’t work out and I emotionally ate like none other…

It was a really rough week between the medince dosage issues making me sick and lethargic for over half of the week and then dealing with learning how to deal with the anniversary of dad’s death while in this new stage of grief, I’m just happy I’ve made it through the week without a total breakdown…

I also fell last night on some black ice when walking into Olive Garden to meet the boy and his dad for dinner, because you know on Valentine’s day weekend I get to drive myself lol…

I spent the day yesterday purging the house of dirt and dust… I have proof pictures too… It felt good, I have to finish with the 2nd floor today and I’m baking what I have to be a fantastically simple valentines day layer cake…

🙂 it can only go up from here

Weigh ins will commence next Sunday


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